IX. Integrity Congress (VCIC)


"On the way to a common understanding of compliance thanks an standardisation."

21. June 2022

Program / Registration / Flyer

About the VCIC:

The Viadrina Compliance & Integrity Congress will take place for the 9th time this year. Due to the pandemic, the congress will hopefully take place in digital format for the last time. This year's congress is also the final conference of the "Compliance & Integrity - Competence Package" project, which was implemented together with the German Institute for Compliance (DICO e.V.). The Congress defines itself as an annual exchange platform for representatives from science, business and administration on current compliance topics. This year we will focus on the following areas:

  • Localisation and understanding of compliance management in the sense of the reformed DCGK (draft of 2022)
  • Whistleblower systems and protection of whistleblowers
  • Challenges in the implementation of the LkSG
  • Design of antitrust compliance management and its sanction-mitigating effect
  • Standardisation and certification in the compliance area
  • Standardised CMS tools (training, business partner compliance, compliance risk analysis, regulation management)

Registration for the conference is free of charge. Registration is required.

Conference format:

The conference will take place as an online video conference via the ZOOM platform. The link with access data will be sent to all registered participants shortly before the conference.

Technical requirements:

To participate in a ZOOM meeting you need a stable broadband connection as well as an internet-capable terminal (e.g. tablet, laptop, desktop computer, smartphone) equipped with a microphone, loudspeaker and webcam. To connect, use either any browser or the ZOOM app (free of charge), which must be installed earlier.

Basic rule of online participation:

Before, during and after participating in the online conference, please observe the following participation guidelines for online events organised by the Viadrina Compliance Center:

  1. Conferences, workshops and other online events are conducted using the "ZOOM" programme.
  2. Before the start of the events, you will receive an e-mail as a registered participant containing detailed information on the course of the event as well as your log-in data for the respective event.
  3. By registering, all participants acknowledge that they have a suitable terminal device and a sufficiently stable internet connection to participate in the respective event. Please ensure that the software of your terminal device allows you to use the "ZOOM" programme or that your "ZOOM app" is up to date
  4. The time of the possible log-in can be found in the respective event program
  5. As soon as you have followed the access link, enter your first and last name as participants in the same way as they were entered during registration. You will be taken to a virtual waiting room where your identity will be checked and you will then be admitted.
  6. Once you have entered the conference, we ask you to mute your microphone and turn off your webcam and keep this setting during the conference.
  7. You are welcome to ask questions in the chat window during the presentations and discussions. These will be managed by the respective moderators.
  8. Stay logged in to "ZOOM" during the breaks.
  9. In case of local connection problems, make sure that all other devices in your office / house are disconnected from the internet connection.
  10. Sound and image recordings of the event are prohibited.
  11. After the event, you only need to close the browser window or the ZOOM app.