Viadrina Compliance Center (VCC) forms our institution.

VCC deals with the critical scientific examination of compliance in Germany, but also beyond the geographic borders. We handle compliance in a holistic approach from the perspectives of various disciplines. Compliance means to us more than just meeting the legal requirements of an organization. More and more organizations are implementing compliance systems in order to improve and strengthen their own integrity and reliability, and thus to generate consistent value for the organization and for the society, which the organization is part of. Developments in compliance have led to increasing transparency rates in Germany’s economy, to the fight against economic crime, and it has led to the promotion of value based management. VCC handles compliance from a scientific and multidisciplinary perspective. We combine insights of law, business administration and sociology in a think tank and maintain close contacts to all participants.

Our institute used to consist of two main sections: The Viadrina Compliance Center as the supreme unit of the institute, whereas the Department of Research for Security Industry and Corporate Security (FORSI) was merged into the VCC.