Through various research projects, already existing compliance concepts should be put under scrutiny, new concepts should be made, and all this should deliver a scientific contribution to the further development of the compliance culture.

We pursue a comprehensive approach; the participation of various scientists from different disciplines should guarantee to consider compliance as an interdisciplinary field.Our activities are based on the following pillars:


As the first research institution of its kind in Germany, VCC (formerly, together with FORSI) is treating compliance and safety issues with intra- and interdisciplinary perspectives to shed light on different legal (civil, labor, criminal, constitutional, administrative law), economic (micro and macro economic) and sociologic aspects. The work is project based and organized with multidisciplinary research teams.


At the same time VCC should have a strong practical orientation. On the one hand this is necessary to integrate real experiences in the scientific research. On the other hand scientific concepts must be tested on their feasibility and practicability. In this regard a close cooperation with other institutes is planned. For this purpose we organize various meetings and conventions, which are designed as a platform for representatives of science, economy, state institutions and politics.

We foster an internal and intensive exchange with our strategic partners, with whom we have also carried out various projects.

Promotion of Young Researchers: nachwuchs14

We encourage the young generation and invest in their promotion! The research also proceeds under the supervision of interdisciplinary theses. Furthermore courses on various compliance topics are offered at the Viadrina University.

Compliance Academia:

Finally VCC is seeing itself as a contact point for all compliance related aspects of science. In our online offer you can find relevant compliance literature, a list of theses, events, a forum, etc.