17th SiWiTa

The Security Day, which has become a tradition in the industry, started on 17 February 2000 under the name 1. Hamburger Sicherheitsgewerberechtstag. Over the years, Security Day has taken up a variety of topics from science and practice. After the relocation of the FORSI to the Viadrina, the event will be further expanded.

17th SiWiTa 2017 | date: 27.4.2017 | room: Logensaal, Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
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Panel overview

1st panel: "Current challenges for the security industry"
2nd panel: "Securing big events in times of real terroristic dangers"
3rd panel: "Dangers of refugee flows and guarding refugee shelters"



The meaning of the word security has many accents. The events of recent months have focused on the internal security of our country. Their guarantee is one of the primary tasks of the state, as it forms the framework for our free coexistence. Nevertheless, the state needs strong partners at all levels of society to meet this challenge. In this context, effective collaboration with private security companies plays an important role. Particularly against the background of a constantly changing threat situation from the digital space, which are of ever-increasing importance not only for the state, but also for private companies. That's why I gladly accepted the patronage for the FORSI-Security-Days.

I am particularly pleased that the security business days are taking place for the 17th time and once again offer the opportunity to jointly develop and discuss answers to current security issues. So I would like to thank you very much for your engagement so far.

I wish you all the best for your future work and wish all participants an interesting conference.

Dr. Thomas de Maizière,
MdB Federal Minister of the Interior


The FORSI Security Day is already being held in its 17th edition this year and has traditionally been an integral part of the Research Institute for Compliance, Security Economics and Corporate Security (FORSI), which since January 2015 has been based at the European University Viadrina as part of the Viadrina Compliance Center (VCC) and continues to focus on its research areas - enterprise security and security economics. The conference series serves as a forum for discussing current security issues and addresses policy makers, state and local government administrators, private security executives, union and police representatives, and consultants and academics. Particular attention is paid to the joint debate on current topics.



The 17th Security Day is dedicated this year to a total of three topics around the current security developments: The first panel deals with the topic "Current Challenges for Enterprise Security and the Security Industry", followed by the panel entitled "Securing mass events in times of real life terrorist threats ". The conference is rounded off by the last panel on the controversial topic "Dangers of refugee flows and guarding refugee shelters". The panels will be moderated by the experts from science and practice identified in the relevant field. The conference results are summarized in relevant publications.



The conference aims to highlight and deepen the current issues of corporate security and the private security industry, to present existing solutions to problems and to initiate new solutions through active exchange of views between the stakeholders.