I. Cologne Compliance Panel

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n January 27, 2014 the first Cologne Compliance Panel took place in Cologne, where the Bundesanzeiger Verlag has its headquarter. The activity was focused on compliance systems in the organizational structures of SMEs. Representatives from economics and science, were discussing the benefits of implementing compliance management systems in organizations. Furthermore it was talked about suitable compliance organization models for SMEs (including the Hamburg anti-corruption model and the use of IT systems in the development of compliance structures). In addition, the certification of compliance systems, compliance regulations in business conceptions and the demand of compliance in the area of ​​antitrust, privacy and international business law were discussed. The participation of theorists and practitioners and the presentation of their views thereby paved the way for a detailed discussion of the subject as well as the illustration of the positive aspects of compliance for the activities of SMEs.