III. FoWirt

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n 08/11/2012 the German-Polish Forum of Law and Economics was held for the third time. The conference venue was this time the University of Economics in Warsaw. Idea donna was Prof Makowicz. Thus the event was organized by the Chair of Polish public law of the European University Viadrina. Co-organizer were the University of Economics in Warsaw, the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and the German-Polish Lawyers Association (DPJV). The objective of the annual forum is to create a common exchange platform for representatives of science, business and politics from Germany and Poland. The forum was inaugurated by the honor guest: Prof. Dr. Tomasz Szapiro (rector of the University of Economics in Warsaw), Prof. Dr. Roman Sobiecki (Dean of the College of Management at the University of Economics in Warsaw), Stanisław Chmielewski (secretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Justice) and Joachim Bleicker (messenger Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw). Theme of the conference was „Financial and Banking Law in Time of the Financial Crisis". The meeting was divided into two sections: macroeconomic and microeconomic perspectives. In the first block which was held in the morning, "the role of central banks in the financial crisis" was presented. The lectures were held by Dr. Andrzej Raczko (board members of the National Bank of Poland), Henner Asche (Deputy Deutsche Bundesbank) and Jarosław Bełdowski (CEO of National Economy Bank). The speakers called the causes of the financial crisis and stressed the role of the National Bank in EU countries in this regard. The next panel was dedicated to the theme "supervision and regulation of the financial sector“. The final word was given by Prof. Dr. Bartosz Makowicz, who summarized the whole meeting. He emphasized the importance of Polish-German law and business meetings.