19th FORSI Security Day 2019 + 20th anniversary FORSI

18th June 2019


19th FORSI Security Day | Date: June 18, 2019 | Venue: Securitas, Potsdamer Straße 88, 10785 Berlin
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Panel overview

Panel 1: "Guard registry in Action"
Panel 2: "Regulation of the security industry in DACH-comparison""
Panel 3: "Security Services 4.0 = Security Economy in Times of Digitization"



After last year's anniversary celebrations of the FORSI Security Business Days, which were held for the first time as FORSI Security Days, the FORSI family celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! On this occasion, the event will return to Berlin, where it has already been hosted under the umbrella of the German University for Continuing Education (DUW). Traditionally, it continues to be an integral part of the Research Institute for Compliance, Security Management and Corporate Security (FORSI), which has been based at Viadrina Europe University since January 2015 as part of the Viadrina Compliance Center (VCC) and continues to focus on its areas of research - enterprise security and security , The conference series serves as a forum for discussing current security issues and addresses political, state and local government officials, private security executives, union and police representatives, and consultants and academics. In this way, an interdisciplinary platform will be created that will enable a cross-thematic debate on current priorities of civil security.

  • Guard registry in Action

After the postponement in early 2019, the guards register will be launched on June 1 of this year. In addition to the planned "Security Services Act", the Guardian Register is the current focus of the private security industry with the law amending the provisions of the law on guard law, which was initiated by the legislature in order to raise the quality standards of commercial law. As one of the new tools, it will enable the regulatory reviews of companies and employees in the industry, or those who want to be, quickly and centrally. While it is currently being filled by the security companies with the corresponding information, not only legal and organizational issues arise in advance, which are to be addressed in the context of the first panel of experts.

  •  Security service law

The "sectoral law" of the security industry stipulated in the coalition agreement is intended to raise the industry to a new level of quality with trade-law new regulations. Qualification standards, background checks, independent requirement profiles for specific fields of activity and corresponding powers as well as the creation of a legal basis for current areas of data protection law are just a few of the points demanded by the new so-called Security Services Act. The implementation and framework conditions should be highlighted in the third panel from all perspectives.

  • Security Services 4.0 = Security Economy in Times of Digitization

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) have long been part of the German security landscape. Customized solutions go hand in hand with the ever-changing demands of digital networking. The security industry needs to address the challenges and potential of new technical and related social hotspots that require high levels of investment in the reorganization of HR and security concepts. In addition to critical infrastructures (KRITIS) and the high-tech IT industry, the stimulating Internet of Things is already affecting the areas of responsibility of small and medium-sized companies in the security industry today and offers potential for far-reaching developments.


The 19th Security Day 2019 will be devoted to a total of three topics around the latest developments in the security industry this year: The first panel will deal with the topic "Guard Register in Action", followed by the panel on the planned "Security Services Act". The conference is rounded off by the last panel on the forward-looking topic "Security Services 4.0 = Security Economy in Times of Digitization".


The conference aims to shed light on the current issues of corporate security and the private security industry. Existing solutions should be presented and new approaches should be fostered by a fruitful discussion.


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