II. Viadrina Compliance Congress

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he second Viadrina Compliance Congress was held from 25 to 26 March 2014 in the senate hall of the Viadrina University. It was a joint event with the Compliance Academy Münster. The second congress was themed by the motto: "Compliance in Motion: Between State and Industry, Between Large and Small Businesses – Between the Boundaries“. The focus of the first day was on the one hand, the importance of compliance to the relationship between business and government, and on the other hand the labor, criminal and civil liability of the Compliance Manager. Even the highly topical issue of the legal establishment of a criminal liability for corporations and other organizations was comprehensively discussed from a scientific as well as practical perspective of the law enforcement. Focus of the second day were current challenges in the field of identifying and managing risks of business partners - also well known as supply chain compliance. The final panel extended the compliance discussion to an international view, when it comes to the global implementation of compliance standards. Social, cultural and legal differences between the country of origin and the country of use are not necessarily unsolvable obstacles to the introduction of compliance management systems. The recently published ISO 19600 standard aims to unify national compliance standards and to systemize them on a global level. The conference was attended by high-calibre panelists who are leaders in their fields but also the numerous participants from business, administration and science made the VCC an unforgettable highlight. Following the high demand and the extremely positive résumé of the participants and the speakers, the VCC will continue again next year and is eagerly awaited.